Microsoft ThinkPlace

Featured colors:
155 Forest Green

When the designers at Little Diversified Architectural Consulting approached us with a simple design for our Suspended Screens, our team responded by demonstrating its robust CNC capabilities. We then collaborated with them on an intricate tree motif that ultimately tested our capacity—which makes the successful end result even more satisfying.

The design was implemented across twelve panels, each nearly ten feet tall, for Microsoft ThinkPlace’s Raleigh, North Carolina location. This test installation shows six of the twelve screens. Up close, one senses the pattern as an abstract and shifting collection of shapes; these shapes resolve as a forest only as you step away.

Use of Interior Felt inside Microsoft Thinkplace
Use of Interior Felt inside Microsoft Thinkplace

“A creative workspace can bring nature indoors. Whether up close to catch the abstract detail or further away admiring the trees. This ambitious custom pattern is really something to look at.”