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Interior Felt manufactures 100% wool felt that is made to feel. By creating and selling premium, environmentally-conscious products, we strive for a more ethical and sustainable design industry. Many of the world’s leading architects and designers have chosen our signature product, Wool Designer Felt, to enhance all kinds of spaces, from offices to retail environments to schools.

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Wool felt is the world’s oldest known textile and, for four generations, our family has developed products and processes that refine age-old knowledge about the material, help to chart its future, and stand the tests of time. We’re masters of our craft who intimately know how to work this material, from individual fibers to finished products. We love to share our expertise with architects and designers—and, through them, the public.

Custom machine for producing wool products

Designer Felt’s beautiful hues and soft finish make it tactile and inviting. Its crisp edges, flexibility, and resilience make it exceptionally functional. Our clients have used our material to add warmth and texture, to help subdue noise, to deliver pops of color, or otherwise transform their designs into remarkable experiences.

As useful as Wool Designer Felt is off the roll, we also love collaborating on custom projects. We listen to our clients’ goals and employ both technical expertise and our decades of experience to make deeply considered recommendations. We empower designers to create beautiful, high-performing interiors.

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Wool Felt

Wool is nature’s super fiber. It’s moisture-repellent, flame-retardant, biodegradable, and comes from a renewable resource. We source ours from farms in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and South America. And because our 100% Wool Designer Felt contains no synthetic materials, it possesses all of wool’s remarkable characteristics. It breaks down odor-forming bacteria. It can wick away liquids and repel dust and other airborne contaminants. When disposed of in soil, it decomposes naturally and puts nitrogen-based nutrients back into the earth. We wouldn’t want to mess with such a great thing, so our colorfast dyes are vegetable-based, meaning they are also VOC-free.

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From sheep farm to final installation, our material and how we work with it helps Wool Designer Felt to meet rigorous standards. It’s a LEED© contributor, meets the human-ecological requirements of Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, and needs no treatment to meet Class A flame resistance. That’s a mouthful, but it comes down to this: our all-natural signature product is safe, contaminant-free, and an environmentally responsible choice. We’re committed not only to our clients’ creative goals, but also to minimizing our ecological impact.

Learn more about Wool Designer Felt in this PDF

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Custom Services

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We have the machines and the know-how to provide a wide range of custom services. Need to match a specific color or thickness? Want to craft an intricate design? Wondering about the best way to layer colors or attach felt to existing surfaces? We regularly collaborate with designers and architects to realize their visions using our natural, sustainable, and long-lasting felt products.

Our experienced staff happily provides insights into how felt best makes your spaces shine. Our generations of expertise have yielded all manner of projects, but some recent success stories include partnering with designers to make custom suspended screens, acoustic products, and even department-store window displays. We offer free consultations and welcome your calls.

Our wool felt is beautiful and adaptable. See how it’s been imaginatively employed to create spaces made to feel.

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Our 100% Wool Designer Felt is biodegradable and will break down naturally over time, making it the sustainable choice. When wool is disposed of it will release nutrients and contribute to the life cycles of the surrounding environment.

Many felt suppliers source their materials from inexpensive and unreliable sources, which can result in irresponsible environmental practices. We pride ourselves on responsible sourcing. We constantly review our processes to ensure we continually reduce our environmental footprint.

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We help designers envision the possibilities of wool felt. In these custom projects, we proposed ways to take the design from sketch to site.

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