Faebrew Coffee Lab

Featured colors:
382 Pebble Gray
182 Storm Gray

Photos: Christina Faminoff

For a hip, modern café in Vancouver, Pauline Lin Interior Design & Consultant commissioned a geometric arrangement of panels to complement the restaurant’s sleek interior.

As with Lin’s juxtaposition of exposed concrete and reclaimed wood, the soft texture of Designer Felt is custom cut into sharp, angular shapes. We collaborated with a local millworker who made slightly elevated, backlit panels to add a third dimension that makes the design even more dynamic. The composition, which is meant to evoke an airplane’s wings, beckons customers into the space.

The interior design won a silver A’Design Award in 2016–17.

Inside the Faebrew Coffee office
Inside the Faebrew Coffee office

“Our Wool Designer Felt works well on this custom millwork design. It helps quiet some of the café’s ambient noise, but also compliments the other material choices in the café, adding warmth and interest.”