About Custom Services

Decades of manufacturing experience have formed the foundation of our custom solutions. Our fabrication facilities, coupled with in-house manufacturing expertise, allow us to provide a variety of custom services ranging from customization of product color and thickness to made-to-order products. Our capabilities include CNC cutting, sewing, die cutting, roll slitting and laminating. Plus, we can make finished products out of most architectural substrates that work with felt.


Felt is wonderfully suited for intricate cutting because the fabric edges won’t fray when cut. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cutting achieves clean, precise edges to bring the most complicated designs to life. CAD/CAM software with 3D capabilities and digitizer converts sketches to 3D renderings. Let your imagination run wild!


Machine sewing can achieve precise edge detailing and accentuation. Stitching options are also available to join pieces of felt together for a beautiful handmade look.


With die cutting services, felt and cork can be cut to exact tolerances. This efficient cutting method is ideal for achieving uniform geometric patterns on felt panels and sheets. Minimum quantities and consultation are required.

Rolls Cut to Size

Our custom roll cutting solutions apply roll slitting machines to produce precise and consistent lengths of material. We can achieve strips of material as narrow as 5mm (3/16″).


Lamination can involve a distinctive pattern layered over an existing felt surface and adds depth and thickness to the finished product.

And Much More!

Interior Felt can provide custom solutions for just about any design problem. Some recent custom projects have included hanging panels, acoustic products and decorative window displays. Call us for a consultation on your next project.