About Us

Interior Felt manufactures 100% wool felt, with facilities in Germany and North America, and offers finished products for the architecture and design market. Our core product, Designer Felt, comes in 46 colors and three thicknesses. We’ve made it our mission to bring this natural sustainable material into today’s A&D industry.

Our product line includes the 100% Wool Designer series, Natura series, Fino series and finished acoustic products for the floor, walls, ceiling and much more. Plus, we offer full custom fabrication services for all of our products and can work with most substrates. Interior Felt gives the specifier the opportunity to work with both a felt manufacturer and product fabricator to enhance service and quality. We can therefore serve industries with faster turnaround times, while ensuring the highest quality standards are met from start to finish.

About Felt

– Our felt is a LEED© contributor
– Meets the human-ecological requirements of Oeko-Tex© Standard 100
– Inherently fire retardant, requiring no added chemicals to meet building fire standards
– Naturally sustainable

– Recyclable and biodegradable
– An air cleaner: wool felt absorbs airborne contaminants
– Dyes used in Designer Felt are bold, vegetable-based and colorfast