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Produced in high, medium and low densities, each grade represents a unique tolerance and set of applications. Color variation will occur due to the natural fibers.


High density Natura felt is our strongest performing felt, well-suited for designs that require extreme tolerance and physical integrity.


Medium density Natura felt is the most popular choice for designers. This felt is equivalent in density to our Designer Felt series.


Low density Natura felt is our most lightweight felt. It can provide soft, subtle texture and excellent acoustic insulation.

General Properties

Colors: Gray-Beige or Off-White
Wool Content: Min. 80% – 95%

  • High: 0.3 4g/cm3
  • Medium: 0.25 g/cm3
  • Low: 0.18g/cm3

Standard Width

  • High: 152.4cm (60″)
  • Medium & Low: 182.8cm (72″)

Standard Thickness: 3mm – 25mm (1/8″ – 1″)
Primary Uses: Draperies, wall panels, light traffic floor coverings, vertical applications, wrapped panels, screens, furniture and fashion
Maintenance: Occasionally vacuum or gently brush by hand. Spot clean soiled areas with warm water or a mild dry cleaning solvent
Health & Environmental: 100% biodegradable, 100% VOC free, contributes to LEED©
Custom: Custom thicknesses and densities, as well as custom fabrication, including CNC cutting, sewing, die cutting, roll cutting and laminating